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Message from the CEO

Accumulate Capital Reviews

I trust this update finds you well. These are strange times we’re experiencing I’m sure you will agree. However, the wheels of Accumulate Capital continue to turn apace. Projects are being offered to us in the usual way, our product team continues to evaluate those of interest and negotiations with vendors on due diligence cleared developments are underway. In fact, we have four projects in the final stages of appraisal and we’d like your input if you don’t mind. Have a look at the projects on Page 5, follow the links and let us know what you think. We’ve also got an update on Riverside Place and the Doncaster Enterprise Park. If there’s anything we can do, any questions we can answer, please drop us a line, either call: 01227 936 996 or email

 Best Regards,

Paul Howells
CEO, Accumulate Capital

Accumulate Capital Reviews

Accumulate Capital Reviews: Riverside Place, Kingston upon Thames

The Project

Riverside Place is our exciting 26-unit development on the river, in the centre of Kingston upon Thames, South West London in partnership with Store House. This investment is now closed and work on the site got underway in November 2019.

The building is clearly divided into two distinct sections. A grade two listed Victorian frontage and a 1980’s, former commercial block to the rear which forms the bulk of the property.

Anyone who has looked at the live camera displayed on our website will know that this three storey rear section has now been demolished down to its first floor footplate and the lift shaft overrun has been dug. In the background the usual final revisions have been made to the plans and the Metsec designs have been sent for manufacture. Metsec is a lightweight steel construction method which will reach another four storeys and sit atop the first floor of the building. The weight saving means we can go higher than the original structure with no need to provide further support to the foundations. It also forms the internal walls to provide a greater degree of rigidity. These Metsec sections will start arriving on site in the coming days and the main contractors team will commence the build phase of the project. Keep an eye on that webcam.

Riverside Place will provide 16 one bedroom and 10 two-bedroom apartments and will be the only major residential project in the area to be delivered before 2024. There will also be ground floor retail space which has already been taken by outdoor clothing and accessories giant, Mountain Warehouse.

Virtual Site Tours

We’ve been offering site tours of Riverside Place for some time, a chance for serious and focused investors to experience the reality of an Accumulate development – here you can get a feel for the building and ask as many questions as you wish.

Whilst these tours have been incredibly popular, we know that many of you cannot get to site, so now you are able to to book an appointment with a senior team member for a one-on-one virtual site tour.

Your appointment will feature an extensive tour of Riverside Place, giving you eyes on the project from the comfort of your home. The tour will include detailed explanations of our due diligence, the build process, the property’s future use and answers to any questions you might have.

Riverside Place End Unit Sales

The 16 one-bedroom and 10 two-bedroom apartments in Riverside Place are now available for off-market reservation. This represents an opportunity to purchase a unit in the only major development to be delivered in the affluent Kingston upon Thames for the next four years. Riverside Place represents an immensely profitable, high-yielding asset for buy-tolet investors and a highly appreciating property target for end-user residents.Developed by Accumulate in conjunction with Store House London, the last remaining units of these luxurious apartments, situated just 12 miles from Central London, will be snapped up by an immensely eager market once released for general sale.

Download Riverside Place’s end unit sales brochure HERE.

Riverside Place End Unit Sales

Current Opportunities


Over the past 20 years, commercial property has consistently delivered higher returns than the FTSE 100, Cash ISA´s and UK gilts. So when we were offered the option to develop a 6.30-acre commercial asset in the form of 79 SME starter units within the UK´s manufacturing and distribution hub, we jumped at the chance.

Doncaster has seen huge regeneration funding pouring into the area, mainly because of it’s location and ready access to exceptional transport links. The demand for SME starter units in this logistical hub vastly exceeds supply, and the units currently available are often neglected buildings offering poor quality facilities. Our project provides a viable solution to this issue by creating a sustainable long-term site for the next generation of employees, business owners and investors in the area.

Each of the industrial pods will come with a range of internal designs to satisfy all potential tenants. With few, if any, alternatives in the area, Doncaster Enterprise Park will fill this gap in the market. The project has already attracted an influx of investors as phase one of our investment opportunity are already sold out, meaning only two phases remain.

Download the investment memorandum HERE. (Redacted). For the full version including all figures, please click here.


Support for Doncaster Enterprise Park

There are a number of influential individuals and governing bodies backing our latest project, including the Mayor of Doncaster, Ros Jones CBE and prominent business leaders such as Carnell Motor Group’s John Carnell and Lord Graham Kirkham, founder of furniture giant, DFS. We also have the full backing of Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council.

Doncaster In The Media

Doncaster Site Tours

Given the current situation with COVID-19 we cannot say with certainty when we will be able to offer site tours of Doncaster Enterprise Park. However, we say that once we can firm up a date you’ll have the opportunity to meet with Ros Jones and other members of the Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council cabinet such as Bill Mordue, CEO, Damian Allen and our own Richard Craker from Accumulate Capital. You’ll not only get a tour of the site but there will also be the opportunity to ask questions of the team at the newly built Doncaster Council offices.

Investing Into Doncaster

Doncaster has long been considered the UK’s manufacturing and distribution hub. However, the recent funding developments within the area have caused its community, economy and reputation to skyrocket.

Further funding into Doncaster’s railway and airport have been confirmed, improving the town’s interconnectivity to the rest of the UK and the world. The commercial sector has also received a vast amount of funding from household names such as IKEA, BT, Next, Wabtec, Thales and the jewel in the crown, a £500million investment from Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man and founder of Amazon.

The local council are also pledging improvements with dedicated funding into brand new strategies that focus on culture, employment and the economy.

Download 18 Examples of Extensive Funding in Doncaster to discover exactly how much money is going into these substantial projects, what stage they’re at and plans for the future HERE.

Accumulate nominated for prestigious award

Accumulate Capital has been nominated for a prestigious global finance award by international magazine CFI (Capital Finance International). The winner of Best Property Finance Innovator UK will be announced shortly, even if we are not successful the mere fact we’ve been nominated is a huge accolade. Unlike so many awards firms cannot simply pay to self nominate, rather CFI readers and its staff make the recommendations to the awards committee.

Previous winners of CFI awards include JP Morgan, Barclays, Deutsche Bank, GE Capital, IBM and BNP Paribas so if we were successful we’d be in very good company. provides insight into some of the more complex areas of international finance and development issues both in print and online, with a particular emphasis on identifying examples and drivers of economic convergence.

Innovation in financial services continues apace, accelerating and wide-ranging in this, the 4th industrial revolution. New innovative companies and institutions are emerging in all areas of the financial services industry. The use of new technologies such as cloud-computing, big data, IoT, AI, blockchain technology and so on redefine the old spaces. Also, innovation allows for improvement in financial inclusion and has positive socioeconomic impact. aims to show how cuttingedge capabilities and agility in fast changing financial services are creating opportunities for both providers and customers.

The key criteria for the financial innovation awards programme are demonstrated excellence in:

  • Value creation for shareholders and all
  • other stakeholders
  • Implemented innovation
  • Improved user experience
  • Efficiency and cost effectiveness
  • Market leadership
  • Differentiation or disruption
  • Use of new technology

Please visit the CFI website for more
information –

Our Virtual Platform

Social distancing and strict regulations means that we are currently unable to run site tours of Riverside Place. Investors find these site tours highly valuable and advantageous due to the vast amount of exclusive information we share here; therefore we have come up with a way to ensure our clients still receive these benefits.

Our Gruveo platform enables serious and focused investors to experience the reality of an Accumulate Development through a virtual site tour. Your appointment will feature an extensive tour of Riverside Place, giving you eyes on the project from the comfort of your home.

We also offering one-to-one presentation sessions where our clients can book a time slot to speak to one of our senior team members face-to-face. The discussion will include detailed explanations of our due diligence, the build process, the property’s future use and also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you might have.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic and rare opportunity, register your interest today HERE.


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