Financial Times features Accumulate Capital research

January 15, 2020

Financial times featured in newsstand

Accumulate Capital features in the Financial Times’ print and online edition

The Financial Times has published Accumulate’s results that came from a survey using quantitative research with the objective to find out how the increasingly tight regulation of the buy-to-let market and private rental sector is affecting property developers.

We wanted to discover how many investors are being deterred from purchasing properties due to tax and legislative changes and therefore are looking towards alternative ways of property investment.

We surveyed 750 UK property investors via an online survey, all of which owned three or more residential properties in the UK, to gain a vast number of varied responses.

After we received our survey´s results, the reputable Financial Times’ showed huge interest in the information that we had gained from our respondents. They have since published our findings in an article titled: How landlords are tackling the biting tax changes.

We are thrilled that our thought-provoking research has already received 1,400 unique views on the website, with the potential to reach up to 286,000 in the following month; and that´s without including the print edition.

Our findings are extremely interesting and to some will be quite shocking. To read the full article, click the link below:

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