Official Brexit date sparks housing boom, highest buyer interest in 15 years

February 04, 2020

Person scrolling through housing options deciding if brexit is a good time to buy

Official Brexit date sparks housing boom, highest buyer interest in 15 years

Estate agents based in London have reported their rate of buyer interest had skyrocketed since the official Brexit date, resulting in numbers not seen for 15 years.

One London-based agent said: “This company has been going 14 years and we have never seen those activity levels”.

Housing experts unveiled the market´s most recent revival as they announced waiting lists were being extended and enquiring clients had to be “staggered” due to the “unprecedented” levels of interest.

Positive changes to the property market since the Conservative Party´s general election win and Britain´s exit from the European Union have triggered a provisional opinion in experts that the commercial property downturn is being reversed.

The Head of London at The Buying Solution, Knight Frank´s independent buying arm, revealed that there had been a 80 per cent increase in new January sign ups in comparison to the same time last year, with budgets ranging from £5million to £25million.

The UK´s leading independent real estate company, Knight Frank, has reported that the number of new potential buyers registering with them in London has increased to its highest weekly total in more than 15 years.

Commenting on the rising figures, Knight Frank said that buyers are looking “to capitalise on the relative uncertainty produced by December´s election result”. The statistic is 92 per cent higher than the same week in 2019, and up 95 per cent on the year before.


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