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July 01, 2020

13 luxurious new-build apartments in a chelsea property on Cheyne Walk, London

Introducing Cheyne Walk, a Chelsea Property

The project will see the creation of 13 ultra-luxury apartments on this most famous of London streets.

Currently, the 5-storey Chelsea property is a split between smaller residential flats with a mix of commercial and retail space on the ground floor.

Located on the banks of the River Thames in this uber-glamourous and affluent part of the UK capital, we will demolish the entire rear of the building leaving the grade II listed facade, we will also extend the footprint of the basement before building up to provide the type of spacious accommodation which is in such high demand from buyers across the world looking for a Chelsea property in London.

This is an investment worthy of premier league status; Cheyne Walk is a mecca for the world’s mega-rich. We’ve already had enquiries about end units from Hong Kong, Beijing, Dubai, Moscow and New York.

This is your opportunity to join with Accumulate as a property development finance partner to create these stunning apartments and claim a share of the forecast £2.7million profit.

13 luxurious, new-build apartments in a Chelsea property on Cheyne Walk, London SW3


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