Commercial property – the best performing asset class of the last 2 decades

March 09, 2020

A commerical property business running as a retail stock warehouse

Commercial property – the best performing asset class of the last 2 decades

When looking to invest, it is vital that all assets are considered so that no possibilities are overlooked.

However, some prospective investors only think about the most common assets when it comes to property, such as buy-to-let, HMO and the private rented sector: completely bypassing profitable commercial opportunities.

Commercial property is an optimal asset for those looking to diversify their portfolio, gain high returns and ensure stability.

The UK’s commercial property sector performs extremely well as a highly developed, profitable market with an estimated size of approximately £900 billion.

Over the past 20 years, commercial property has consistently delivered higher returns than the FTSE 100, Cash ISA´s and UK gilts. Specifically, between 2000 and 2018, commercial property returned 308% compared to 209% for the FTSE 100.

The stability of this sector in the last five years is evidenced by the average yield remaining stable at 5%.

Now, Accumulate Capital is offering investors an advantageous commercial development finance opportunity in the form of 72 starter units within the UK´s manufacturing and distribution hub: Doncaster.

Download the SME Park´s investment memorandum to discover why corporate giants such as Amazon are choosing Doncaster, how this project satisfies the immense demand within the area and why this development provides investors with a deliverable, profitable and stable asset.

Download the redacted investment memorandum.

To download the full investment memorandum, sign in to your Accumulate account HERE. Alternatively, sign up for a FREE account HERE.


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