The Residences, Barbados

54 Stunning Caribbean apartments a stone's throw from the beach


An investment in luxury beach apartments in Barbados


This is an opportunity to invest in a property development which is already 60% out of the ground. The project was started in 2007 and mothballed in 2008 when the full extent of the global economic crash became apparent. However, with the economy in the ascendency, the Barbadian government onside and end-user sales assured, this now presents a prime opportunity for investors and indeed ourselves.

The development, surrounded by mature Mahogany tress is made up of three, four-floor blocks containing a total of 54 apartments surrounding a central swimming pool, deck and bar area. There will also be tennis courts and changing rooms. Each of the one, two or three-bedroom apartments will be beautifully appointed to a modern style and feature large balconies. 

Two of the sections are built to their final height with first fix plumbing installed, electrical boxes are also in place as are the two huge water tanks which will feed to completed development.

Construction will be completed by Kent Construction, a well known and respected family company with a fine track record in Barbados and on the South Coast in particular. The company also owns and operates a number of hotels including the award winning Butterfly Hotel, directly opposite The Residences, Barbados.

We already have an agent appointed to spearhead end-user sales. Seaside Reality headed by Lee Gooding will market the project to potential owners from around the world. Lee, a Bajan, and his team are one of the most respected sales agents in Barbados if not the Caribbean, his network, skill and knowledge are second to none in this region.


Raise Details for
The Residences, Barbados

project COSTS
Accumulate Contribution $1,000,000
Client Contribution $1,950,000
Development Equity $10,000,000
Target GDV $27,437,400
Predicated Profit $9,817,078
project return

Working with Store House London has been a great and profitable experience. The Margate project was presented by Jamie and it was a very easy decision to invest. I invested £125,000 and enjoyed a return of 15% per annum.

Paul Hodge
Store House London, Margate

The Spitalfield project was something close to my heart as I was brought up in the area. Having known Jamie for many years I knew my investment would be safe. So it proved and a healthy return of 15% was realised upon completion

Joseph Downey
Store House London, Spitalfields

Very professional company. I admit to being sceptical at first but have now invested in two Store House projects. £85,000 invested with a 12.5% ROI

Martin Pask
Store House London, Shoreditch

I first invested in Riverside Place after a long time of looking for opportunities in the London property market. It has been a very valuable relationship, with me being redeemed in full from my investment last month. I have particularly liked the fact that I was informed of progress onsite throughout my investment term. I feel that Accumulate has a good eye for a deal and so I didn’t hesitate to reinvest in their Cheyne Walk project in Chelsea. I have full confidence that my money is in good hands with Accumulate Capital.

Jin Cheng
Accumulate Capital, Riverside Place, Cheyne Walk

I have complete confidence that Accumulate sources locations for development that display clear future growth potential.  With my personal experience of debt or equity investments, I always insist on being absolutely sure that the numbers stack up before committing my capital and Accumulate has shown consistently that this is the case with all their development projects. Accumulate operates with complete transparency and I am able to easily monitor my investments with them by logging on to my personal account via their portal. From here I can book site tours or view on-site videos so that I really feel I am fully engaged with my investments at all times. I am a very satisfied investor.

Mohamed Messaoudi
Accumulate Capital - Doncaster Enterprise Park, Riverside Place

As an investor, I’m all about the return. Did my DD on Store House and was satisfied they would complete on time and to the promised standard. Happy and now a regular investor having seen returns on average of 14.5%

G. Bryce
Store House London, Bromley
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