Landing Page – London Price Comparables April 2021

Accumulate Capital’s Price Comparables for London Property – April 2021

This week our in-house specialists, here at Accumulate Capital, have created multiple London property comparables to provide investors with a direct point of analysis for price per square footage between our development and others within a proximate radius.

The UK has long been recognised as a hub for overseas investors to invest in property due to projected capital growth and favourable exchange rates. Constantly vying with its closest rival, New York, for Financial Capital of the World, London’s prestige, history, political and economic importance equate to significant demand for its real estate investment opportunities. With a robust legal system, a globally renowned education system and a self-sustaining financial sector, London’s property market remains amongst one of the most secure for investment.

Click to download your copy of Accumulate Capital’s market intelligence guide, ‘Investing in London Property: Price Comparables’ now.

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