Overseas investors in UK property surge over the last year, but why?

November 26, 2019

Britain´s property market has remained an international hub for foreign investors despite the turbulent ripples of political turmoil and economic uncertainty caused by the splash of Brexit.

However, the UK has not only survived the last year but has positively thrived.

Property investors from Asia, America and Europe who have been intrigued by the strong capital appreciation, growing rental markets and the support of investment across the country have consistently seen the British housing market as a solid and secure asset for many years.

In the last 12 months alone, the number of homes let by individuals located outside of the UK has grown immensely.

Hamptons International has released new data that shows the amount of investors situated abroad who let out property in Britain has climbed up to 11 per cent of the total market share, up from 7 per cent 10 months ago.

Increases were specifically seen in the east of England and London, both of which saw increases of 8 per cent; also, 18 per cent of landlords in the entire city are based overseas. The south-east and north-west of Britain both experienced rises of 7 per cent.

Since the EU referendum in 2016, sterling has been fluctuating constantly but has depreciated overall. This has created favourable exchange rates for foreign investors as they can receive much more for their money than they once did, making a large portion of the market available to investors.

The British housing market is also extremely resilient during troubling times and has proven this time and time again. This is a huge positive for international investors looking for a secure asset that will hold their money and ultimately accumulate their wealth.

Further to this, the rental market within the UK is continuing to grow at a modest rate providing fantastic yields for property investors interested in buy-to-let. According to the Hamptons report, the average rent in the UK for newly rented properties was £999 in October this year, which is up 2.2% year-on-year.

As people begin to buy homes later in life, the private rented sector is performing strongly while standards and expectations across the sector are also improving, leading to the recent build-to-rent boom.


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