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Market Leading Returns

Market leading returns to your clients and incredible rewards to you

Our repeat investment rate currently stands at 72% meaning your rewards and remuneration is likely to be very efficient for your business.  The question is how precious is your time? If the answer is your time is precious then your company benefits from products that are efficient and successful in high levels of repeat business.

We only bring you projects which have passed our own rigorous due diligence to ensure your clients security. What’s more all of our developments come with a charge in favour of your clients, adding an extra layer of security, second to none in the market.

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Accumulate Capital in the Press

Your reputation with your clients is everything, we understand this, as is ours. We have featured on Sky Television, in the Financial Times and The Sunday Times and as our reputation grows so will yours. We are only interested in projects and construction partners with a proven track record of delivering developments on time, every time. Only by doing so are investors paid out in a timely fashion, thereby eager to go again on the next project, making your life easier and rewards flow as standard.

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The Accumulate Capital Investor Portal

Your clients want to be in control, and they can via the Accumulate Capital portal and smartphone app – Invest Direct. Once registered you and your clients have a wealth of vital information at your fingertips. Enhanced due diligence on all projects, planning notifications, videos, development updates, legal documents, CGI’s, interviews, the list could go an and on.

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Market leading Marketing

Our marketing materials are second to none, even if we say so ourselves. How many other product providers do you know who have a Marketing Director AND a Creative Director? Both supported by a team of experts including content creators, online marketers’ and social media specialists. The point is, we are here for you, our marketing department understand the needs of agents, we happily provide white label materials, EDM’s, social media support, images, logos whatever you need to sell more effectively.

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Your clients are YOUR clients

Finally, lets address the permanent elephant in the room. We are not interested in taking your clients. We are interested in getting our projects to completion as soon as possible and NOTHING more. We make our money at the back end, when a project is delivered so that’s our focus. We want you to help us get there sooner, time and time again.

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Popular Questions

We offer residential properties with title deeds in ultra-prime locations. Whilst London is in high demand and therefore a focal point in our suite of products, we also recognise the value of diversification in our portfolio. You will find a broad range of geography, domestically and internationally, with multiple asset classes offering unique on and off-market opportunities to our Partners Programme.

Accumulate Capital also provides a range of development finance products, offering investors short-term structures to maximise their returns and mitigate risk. Your Wealth Accumulator Account Manager is on hand to discuss which strategies would best suit your business.

As with all investments and property purchase, security is the key priority. We are investors ourselves and we inject high levels of our own capital in every scheme we develop, therefore we understand that the mitigation of risk is key to our success and the success of our investors. 

Whilst our funding remains ‘unsecured’ in the capital stack, the remaining funding – sourced from private and institutional investors (including high street banks and challenger banks) – is secured via charges registered with the UK’s Land Registry. When we couple that with our high levels of ‘contingency buffers’ within the costing of a scheme, it ensures our investors that their positions are indeed ‘secured’.


Return on investment, be it through debt instruments, bond structures, yield from a buy-to-let property or indeed capital value increases, is derived by demand and therefore our focus is on highly sought after, ultra-prime locations where supply is short and the competitive market is lacking to our advantage.

Accumulate Capital is in the business of making healthy profits whilst ensuring risk is mitigated so that returns for investors will always be market-leading.


Your dedicated Wealth Accumulator Account Manager will be available at all times to support your requirements for investor registration, bespoke training and onboarding in relation to the best use of our platform; including but not limited to, your use of the systems in place to ensure your efficiency in the marketing and ultimate sales of joining the Partners Programme here at Accumulate Capital.

A cutting-edge website is on offer with an Investor Lounge that showcases unique property and property-related investments to your prospects. Also available is a CRM platform which ensures your prospects are ring-fenced in ownership terms that are in your favour, as well as market-leading white-label materials, a dedicated marketing team who can consult and advise on the best strategies and a board of shareholders who collectively hold hundreds of years of successful real estate experience in property development.


Our system is built to ensure there are no ownership issues that could potentially slow down successful business being conducted. By using our ‘Partner Client’ registration page, coupled with the dedicated Investor Lounge access, this will ensure client ownership in your favour for the full duration of your partnership with Accumulate Capital.

The latter constitutes a landing page in your company name which navigates to your inbox, so the moment one of your prospects enter the Investor Lounge, you will be alerted to their presence and can act on that engagement in a live environment.

Your Wealth Accumulator Account Manager will organise the construction and distribution of your dedicated Investor Lounge access.

This process ensures you that if one or more of your prospects come directly to Accumulate Capital, our systems will automatically update you.


We are very open to offering Partners with strategic geographical benefits the opportunity of exclusivity for their territory or territories. This is always performance-based and can benefit both parties if the level of performance is in line with the expectations of both parties.

Rewards for successful sales are always very profitable. Products that offer a high calibre of quality, an ultra-prime location and that are supported by a track record from our platform stand head and shoulders above our competition and therefore the rewards are very healthy indeed.

If you value your brand´s reputation, your client’s security and your long-term relationships, your business will find a partnership with Accumulate Capital to be a very efficient and rewarding experience

Our ethos is focused on building long-term relationships and partnerships, as well as the benefits that come from these. There is little surprise to hear that our most successful partnerships with businesses like yours herald from the relationships that have stood the test of time.

We look forward to working with you for many years to come.


Please contact us directly and you will be introduced to your dedicated Wealth Accumulator Account Manager.

Our repeat business levels are industry-leading with over 72% of investors or property buyers dealing with us more than once.

The position for our Partners does not change if your prospects conduct business with us. The rewards to you remain the same but as you will see over time, the efficiency of that business becomes more and more beneficial in saving you time.

In simple terms, we ensure our platform works for you and your investors or property buyers.

Each scheme we develop has its own unique characteristics so the level of investment required or properties available is defined project by project.

Part of our commitment to you is to ensure the highest standards of communication. When we launch a new scheme, you will know. The level of details in our offers is first-class and we leave no stones unturned. As investors and property developers ourselves, we acutely understand how precious your time is: likewise your clients.

Our system will automatically inform you if one of your investors or clients contacts us directly, this is also the case for any affiliates or partners you may work within a network environment.

To secure your position in this regard you will simply have to register any affiliates to ensure your ownership moving forward.

Completed Projects


The Residences, Barbados

This is an opportunity to invest in a property development which is already 60% out of the ground. The project was started in 2007 and mothballed in 2008 when…


Thane Villas

Islington has, for years, been home to a vibrant mix of creatives, thespians and politicos creating one of the most cosmopolitan and colourful locations in London. Thane Villas is…

  • Total Raised: £220,000
  • Total Profit: £123,000
  • Client Return: £92,250


We acquired this fabulous example of Victorian architecture in 2014. It was sadly in a state of dilapidation having been neglected for many years. We extensively renovated the property…

May 2016
  • Total Raised: £1,000,000
  • Total Profit: £111,000
  • Client Return: £82,140

Lewis Crescent

Purchased in March 2018 for a total just under £3,5Million including professional fees this impressive building on Margate’s seafront was in need of a great deal of attention. However,…

March 2019
  • Total Raised: £4,650,000
  • Total Profit: £1,350,000
  • Client Return: £1,012,500‬

Hammelton Road

2017 saw the advantageous purchase of this beautiful period property to the North of the popular town of Bromley, Greater London. Planning permission was granted for complete remodelling into…

March 2018
  • Total Raised: £1,400,000‬
  • Total Profit: £247,000
  • Client Return: £185,250‬

Robert Street

Robert Street in WC2 boasts an illustrious history, once being the site of magnificent Adelphi Terrace which fronted the River Thames with its elaborate arches supporting the first purpose-built…

October 2015
  • Total Raised: £1,500,000
  • Total Profit: £3,500,000
  • Client Return: £2,625,000‬

Calvin Road

Calvin Street is one of the many narrow streets running off Commercial Street. In much the same as our previous Shoreditch development this building was ideally located and prime…

December 2013
  • Total Raised: £4,200,000‬
  • Total Profit: £1,950,000
  • Client Return: £1,462,500‬

Hackney Road

The North East corner of London has been the scene of possibly the most impressive and rapid regional redevelopments witnessed in any city worldwide. It is now the epicentre…

  • Total Raised: £1,800,000‬
  • Total Profit: £465,000
  • Client Return: £348,750‬

Riverside Place

Ultra-prime locations like this are extremely rare indeed, to find one in such a fashionable suburb of London like Kingston is a spectacular achievement for Accumulate Capital and the…

  • Total Profit: £1,975,411

I have complete confidence that Accumulate sources locations for development that display clear future growth potential.  With my personal experience of debt or equity investments, I always insist on being absolutely sure that the numbers stack up before committing my capital and Accumulate has shown consistently that this is the case with all their development projects. Accumulate operates with complete transparency and I am able to easily monitor my investments with them by logging on to my personal account via their portal. From here I can book site tours or view on-site videos so that I really feel I am fully engaged with my investments at all times. I am a very satisfied investor.

Mohamed Messaoudi
Accumulate Capital - Doncaster Enterprise Park, Riverside Place

I first invested in Riverside Place after a long time of looking for opportunities in the London property market. It has been a very valuable relationship, with me being redeemed in full from my investment last month. I have particularly liked the fact that I was informed of progress onsite throughout my investment term. I feel that Accumulate has a good eye for a deal and so I didn’t hesitate to reinvest in their Cheyne Walk project in Chelsea. I have full confidence that my money is in good hands with Accumulate Capital.

Jin Cheng
Accumulate Capital, Riverside Place, Cheyne Walk

Working with Store House London has been a great and profitable experience. The Margate project was presented by Jamie and it was a very easy decision to invest. I invested £125,000 and enjoyed a return of 15% per annum.

Paul Hodge
Store House London, Margate

As an investor, I’m all about the return. Did my DD on Store House and was satisfied they would complete on time and to the promised standard. Happy and now a regular investor having seen returns on average of 14.5%

G. Bryce
Store House London, Bromley

Very professional company. I admit to being sceptical at first but have now invested in two Store House projects. £85,000 invested with a 12.5% ROI

Martin Pask
Store House London, Shoreditch

The Spitalfield project was something close to my heart as I was brought up in the area. Having known Jamie for many years I knew my investment would be safe. So it proved and a healthy return of 15% was realised upon completion

Joseph Downey
Store House London, Spitalfields
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