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Habrough Hotel Video Walkthrough w/c 14th June

View the evolution of works and final stages of transformation at The Habrough hotel as Project Manager Richard Craker presents a third walkthrough video.

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Riverside Place Completed Unit | June 2021

Watch the latest progress update video by JV Development Partner Jamie Chapman on progress of Riverside Place with a fully completed unit.

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17th May: Habrough Hotel Update

Watch the latest walkthrough video by project manager Richard Craker on works completed and in progress of the Habrough Hotel

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Friday 7th May: Doncaster Enterprise Park

The latest imagery from the works at Doncaster Enterprise Park on Friday 7th May

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Work Commences on Doncaster Enterprise Park

We are pleased to confirm the main contractor is on-site and the first works have been commenced. Over the coming month, the first works will include the provision of the temporary road to the pond, pond works, and drainage.

Having undertaken a further RICS valuation before commencing the first works, the value of the works undertaken to date and the increasing demand coupled with a diminishing supply of land with planning permission has led to a confirmed valuation increase of 76.5% from £1.7m to £3m.

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Latest Update from Riverside Place - April 27th

In this update Andrew Pollard from the sales agent Stack and Bonner gives us his thoughts on the project so far. We also get to see the exterior cladding that covers the entirety of the South elevation of the building, along with several of the interior apartments that are complete with flooring now installed. The sub-station is complete, with the power cabling being ran to the main council feed. With a matter of weeks to go until practical completion it is an exciting time to see the final stages of the project coming together.

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A tour of the Habrough Hotel with the Project Manager

Join the Project Manager for a walkthrough of the Habrough Hotel and see the plans and vision for the project and how far it has come along in the few short months since construction began.

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The Habrough Hotel - Internal Walk Through

This walk-through video footage provides a virtual tour of the internal operations as the hotel progresses at pace towards a freshly renovated interior. Witness the transformation of this site into a boutique 4-star hotel.

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The Habrough Hotel - Fly Through Guide

Located in the heart of the countryside, this fly-though footage captures the natural beauty of The Habrough Hotel’s picturesque landscape. Highlighting its stunning surroundings and local greenery, the freshly styled interior will provide the finishing touches to this destination hotel on track for its scheduled completion date.

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Cheyne Walk Residences: Developer Jamie Chapman's Update March 2021

Developer Jamie Chapman walks us through the latest build progress of Cheyne Walk. Being ahead of schedule with the soft strip, most of the Munroe Terrace side is already completed, with the last few units on the Thames facing units, and the ground floor retail areas, being stripped out in preparation for construction.

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Habrough Hotel: February build images

Acquired under market value on the 23rd December, last year, we are excited to share with you a first behind the scenes preview of our latest acquisition – The Habrough Hotel.

Our team have been on site since December 27th undertaking preparation works while we have been working with the architects to review and revise the existing layout. 15 revisions later, this has resulted in some seemingly small but significant changes that will future proof the hotel and significantly enhance guest experience and the revenue earning capacity of the hotel from all revenue streams all year round. 

Works to date have included – repairs to the roof, testing and repairing the drainage, landscaping to the grounds, clearing and removing rubbish, structural openings and finalising the layout with the architects including the provision of utilities and services as well as topographical surveys and finalising the specifications for each room and facility. 

Now that we have completed this preparatory work we can move forward the refurbishment and look forward to sharing more details of this with you over the coming months. 

Shared with you is a glimpse room 17 (before & after), which will be featured in early marketing while the rest of the hotel is transformed!

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Cheyne Walk Residences: Building work has begun! February 2021

Cheyne Walk build progress February 2021. Developed by Accumulate Capital and Store House. Watch the latest construction update of this residential development in London.

With the purchase complete, no time has been wasted in starting the soft-strip process of the building. The majority of the Munro Terrace end of the building is already stripped to its bare shell, moving along to the Thames-facing apartments and retail units on the ground floor. These works prepare the buildings for the demolition phase and exposes as much of the fabric of the building as possible to ensure there are no nasty surprises hidden behind the plasterboard. Now that the building is vacant, any exploratory and ground investigation works required to complete the structural design can be carried out during this period.

All the soft furnishings, kitchens and bathrooms, carpets and the like are all removed from the buildings. The plasterboard to the walls and  ceilings are taken down and non-loadbearing partitions are removed. Any materials containing asbestos are also removed from the buildings safely before the soft strip begins.

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FEBRUARY 2021 Latest Progress: Riverside Place

Over the last month we have seen huge progress in the build, with the first 2 floors having their internal walls, plumbing and electrics near completion. All windows have been delivered and are being installed, with the rear side of the building being completed this week.

The roof is also now complete with a vast array of solar panels covering the whole area. As the windows and interior walls continue at pace, the exterior cladding is on its way, being delivered next week it will be installed on the rear side of the building first.

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JANUARY 2021 Latest Progress: Riverside Place

Through December and post the Christmas break, the MetSec team have completed their jobs of installing the interior structure of all the apartments within Riverside Place. Now a majority of the interior apartments have been fully wired, the plumbing work is continuing on.

Major works completed during this period include the staircase area next to the lift shaft, and the roof is completed and weather sealed. On the ground floor retail unit, the brickwork has been removed for the entrance and large retail windows. The new entrance will also be used for the construction teams to allow the front of the building (where the existing entrance is) to be completed.

The next stage of works include the panelling for the interior walls, along with the glass for all windows, which fill be a huge milestone.

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NOVEMBER 2020 Latest Progress: Riverside Place

Throughout November we’ve seen massive progress on the build of Riverside Place. All the steel interior structure is now in place which allows more work on the interior to take place.

Importantly the final floor is done, and the roof structure is complete. Cladding for the roof is being readied for installation in the first weeks of December.

On the 1st floor, the wiring and insulation is complete on the first few apartments and so the interior walls are being completed. The wiring on the other floors are also near completion.

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OCTOBER 2020 Latest Progress: Riverside Place

By October our team has done a fantastic job so far this year, working through the lockdown to ensure we are on schedule as much as possible given the global pandemic.

The lightweight steel frame is almost in place, reaching to the 3rd floor of the building. On the 1st and 2nd floor, sheathing board has been fitted to external walls. In other words, the development is climbing to its full height, with work beginning from ground level internally.

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Palm Bay, Margate

The construction of Palm Bay is near completion and our agents Cooke & Co have created this great promotional video for the remaining units available, showcasing its locality to the sea and final renders of the finished properties


View Riverside Place's live construction feed

As the most highly anticipated residential development in Kingston upon Thames begins to take shape, we are providing the rare and spectacular opportunity to watch its construction every step of the way. Riverside Place’s live feed and time-lapse will be available throughout the project’s duration, giving our investors, those interested in our company’s developments and prospective buyers of the 26 luxury 1 and 2-bedroom apartments an exceptional insight into the process of our latest build.

Q4: Riverside Place Construction Time-lapse

With our live-camera installation active from the beginning, you can see the first stage of progress with our Riverside Place, Kingston-Upon-Thames build here in this time-lapse footage showing the build up of all the levels, with the final level completed in December.

Q2: Riverside Place Construction Time-lapse

With our live-camera installation active from the beginning, you can see the first stage of progress with our Riverside Place, Kingston-Upon-Thames build here in this time-lapse footage showing the tear-down of every floor down to the base 1st floor level.

OCTOBER 2020 Latest Progress: Palm Bay, Margate

Works at our Palm Bay development are ahead of schedule, with all rooms plastered and mist-coated. First fixes have been completed, which includes constructing walls, floors and ceilings and inserting cables for electrical supply and pipes for water supply. Underfloor heating has been laid, screeds are down and consumer units are now being installed. 

In the next 2 weeks, kitchens will start to be installed in the ground floor, windows will be fitted throughout and render work to external walls will commence. The roof is on the building, which is providing vital protection from the rain. When the windows have been completed in around 3 weeks, the site will be fully watertight. 

Palm Bay has attracted significant buyer interest and 4 of the apartments are currently under offer, with 2 due to exchange next week at full asking price.

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OCTOBER 2020 Latest Progress: Victoria Road, Margate

There is now damp proof course in 80% of the construction, with the remaining 20% taking additional time due to the development of 100% of the site’s footprint leaving little room to manoeuvre. 

There has been some underpinning work undertaken with a nearby property, which although wasn’t anticipated is easily covered by our contingency budget.

In the next 2 weeks, an attenuation tank is to be installed. This provides a storage system for rainwater and surface water, which is then released or run-off through a gravity stormwater pipe system.

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I first invested in Riverside Place after a long time of looking for opportunities in the London property market. It has been a very valuable relationship, with me being redeemed in full from my investment last month. I have particularly liked the fact that I was informed of progress onsite throughout my investment term. I feel that Accumulate has a good eye for a deal and so I didn’t hesitate to reinvest in their Cheyne Walk project in Chelsea. I have full confidence that my money is in good hands with Accumulate Capital.

Jin Cheng
Accumulate Capital, Riverside Place, Cheyne Walk

As an investor, I’m all about the return. Did my DD on Store House and was satisfied they would complete on time and to the promised standard. Happy and now a regular investor having seen returns on average of 14.5%

G. Bryce
Store House London, Bromley

Very professional company. I admit to being sceptical at first but have now invested in two Store House projects. £85,000 invested with a 12.5% ROI

Martin Pask
Store House London, Shoreditch

Working with Store House London has been a great and profitable experience. The Margate project was presented by Jamie and it was a very easy decision to invest. I invested £125,000 and enjoyed a return of 15% per annum.

Paul Hodge
Store House London, Margate

The Spitalfield project was something close to my heart as I was brought up in the area. Having known Jamie for many years I knew my investment would be safe. So it proved and a healthy return of 15% was realised upon completion

Joseph Downey
Store House London, Spitalfields

I have complete confidence that Accumulate sources locations for development that display clear future growth potential.  With my personal experience of debt or equity investments, I always insist on being absolutely sure that the numbers stack up before committing my capital and Accumulate has shown consistently that this is the case with all their development projects. Accumulate operates with complete transparency and I am able to easily monitor my investments with them by logging on to my personal account via their portal. From here I can book site tours or view on-site videos so that I really feel I am fully engaged with my investments at all times. I am a very satisfied investor.

Mohamed Messaoudi
Accumulate Capital - Doncaster Enterprise Park, Riverside Place
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