What We Do

Connecting independent investors with
strictly vetted property projects in the UK and overseas


Our mission

Accumulate Capital is an investment and property development company, with the sole aim of increasing your personal wealth. We connect independent investors with strictly vetted property projects in the UK and overseas.

Each development is appraised for deliverability, construction timeline, track record, GDV and of course, profit.

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Development Finance - Where the Money Is

Property development is a highly profitable sector, but without the development finance we provide, many projects simply wouldn’t get out of the ground. Therefore, in return for the participation of our network of registered investors we can afford to offer market leading returns on their money.

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The Win, Win

Our model enables projects to be built and provides high returns for investors, it’s a win, win. We ensure clients have total transparency, from security via charges over assets to site visits and project and portfolio updates. We also have a dedicated client portal and smartphone app where you can view every document relating to each project, review your investments and monitor ROI and redemption payments.

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What sets us apart

Property Development

We focus on creating profitable and deliverable developments that will be highly sought after by an influx of prospective tenants, landlords and investors.


We offer investors market-leading returns over a short-term, complete with a charge over the asset. We also invest in each project with our own funding.


Our dedicated marketing team ensures that our business gets the coverage it deserves, currently appearing in 41 titles such as The Sunday Times and Financial Times.

Land & Site Acquisition

We only select approximately 1 in 20 projects that are presented to us; after carrying out our meticulous due diligence, we are able to choose only the most affluent.


Before going ahead with a development, we require the project´s full planning permission to eliminate any obstacles or unwanted surprises throughout the construction.


Our conscientious due diligence checks ensure that the projects we take on are completely law-abiding so all funds involved are protected. We maintain this scrutiny throughout.


We use a reputable construction team that have consistently provided us with high-end, quality developments synonymous with the proposed plans.


Speak to one of our Wealth Accumulators if you are interested in one of our opportunities, are looking for your next investment or just have some questions about the industry.

How it Works

Each week, as developers, we are offered between 10 and 20 projects from constructors, mostly in the UK but also a number from overseas. Some are large scale developments, some small, but all require either full financial funding or part funding to complete the capital stack. We look at every proposition but very few go into our appraisal process. Our due diligence is rigorous, extremely rigorous. We put our own money into every development we take to market, and like you, we are only looking for the best and most secure opportunities. The board has final say on each project brought to them by the Strategic Assessment Team.

Once a project is selected all due diligence documents are collated and loaded into the client portal on the Accumulate website. The Investment Memorandum is written and published, only registered clients have access to this level of detail and always before anyone else.

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Previous Successful Investments


The Residences, Barbados

This is an opportunity to invest in a property development which is already 60% out of the ground. The project was started in 2007 and mothballed in 2008 when…


Thane Villas

Islington has, for years, been home to a vibrant mix of creatives, thespians and politicos creating one of the most cosmopolitan and colourful locations in London. Thane Villas is…

  • Total Raised: £220,000
  • Total Profit: £123,000
  • Client Return: £92,250


We acquired this fabulous example of Victorian architecture in 2014. It was sadly in a state of dilapidation having been neglected for many years. We extensively renovated the property…

May 2016
  • Total Raised: £1,000,000
  • Total Profit: £111,000
  • Client Return: £82,140

Lewis Crescent

Purchased in March 2018 for a total just under £3,5Million including professional fees this impressive building on Margate’s seafront was in need of a great deal of attention. However,…

March 2019
  • Total Raised: £4,650,000
  • Total Profit: £1,350,000
  • Client Return: £1,012,500‬

Hammelton Road

2017 saw the advantageous purchase of this beautiful period property to the North of the popular town of Bromley, Greater London. Planning permission was granted for complete remodelling into…

March 2018
  • Total Raised: £1,400,000‬
  • Total Profit: £247,000
  • Client Return: £185,250‬

Robert Street

Robert Street in WC2 boasts an illustrious history, once being the site of magnificent Adelphi Terrace which fronted the River Thames with its elaborate arches supporting the first purpose-built…

October 2015
  • Total Raised: £1,500,000
  • Total Profit: £3,500,000
  • Client Return: £2,625,000‬

Calvin Road

Calvin Street is one of the many narrow streets running off Commercial Street. In much the same as our previous Shoreditch development this building was ideally located and prime…

December 2013
  • Total Raised: £4,200,000‬
  • Total Profit: £1,950,000
  • Client Return: £1,462,500‬

Hackney Road

The North East corner of London has been the scene of possibly the most impressive and rapid regional redevelopments witnessed in any city worldwide. It is now the epicentre…

  • Total Raised: £1,800,000‬
  • Total Profit: £465,000
  • Client Return: £348,750‬

Riverside Place

Ultra-prime locations like this are extremely rare indeed, to find one in such a fashionable suburb of London like Kingston is a spectacular achievement for Accumulate Capital and the…

  • Total Profit: £1,975,411

Very professional company. I admit to being sceptical at first but have now invested in two Store House projects. £85,000 invested with a 12.5% ROI

Martin Pask
Store House London, Shoreditch

Working with Store House London has been a great and profitable experience. The Margate project was presented by Jamie and it was a very easy decision to invest. I invested £125,000 and enjoyed a return of 15% per annum.

Paul Hodge
Store House London, Margate

The Spitalfield project was something close to my heart as I was brought up in the area. Having known Jamie for many years I knew my investment would be safe. So it proved and a healthy return of 15% was realised upon completion

Joseph Downey
Store House London, Spitalfields

As an investor, I’m all about the return. Did my DD on Store House and was satisfied they would complete on time and to the promised standard. Happy and now a regular investor having seen returns on average of 14.5%

G. Bryce
Store House London, Bromley
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